The Truth about Reiki

What every one should know before they take the class.
After engaging in deep meditation two to four hours each day for about 8 years, I decided to take a class in Reiki. Through meditation I was able to develop certain senses which enabled me to become more in touch with myself. I was capable of determining any issues currently going on within me and it helped me to unlock the Reiki mystery. As Reiki is getting more and more popular around the world it is going to be harder to let people know that it is not what it seems to be. It is not right for the Reiki practitioners to function the way they do. This book will explain this in detail. I think that everyone deserves to have information about it before they decide to take Reiki classes.

The World of Metaphysics

Although the knowledge of the metaphysical self is quite limited, the fact that we have one has been scientifically proven. Aura photographs may be viewed on my website. It is made through a computerized technology, based on the concepts of Kirlian photography.

For our minds to understand something, that "something" must have certain aspects of structure and logic. To some extent, the metaphysical world has modest aspects of both. Many years ago someone came up with a blueprint of our microcosm and called it – “The Tree Of Life.”

Even though we have the blueprint the term “metaphysical” is still not easily understood but we do have a basic grasp of its meaning and are able to have discussions about it. I believe that each individual must experiment with the metaphysical world through meditation to truly understand it in terms that they can comprehend.

We are healed on a mental, emotional and physical level by vibration. Energy and substance vibrate and different vibrations help to heal different problems. The right energy properly applied can assist us in healing ourselves.

No government pays attention to it the way it requires. They do not favor the idea of healing ourselves through the metaphysical. One of the reasons may be the fact that the drug companies and the government makes a substantial amount of money from the sale of prescription drugs.

Another reason may be their lack of knowledge in the area of self-healing and the metaphysical self. That is why anything goes as long as no substance is being used.
The Downside of Reiki

When I arrived at the Reiki healing center I was full of expectations and hopes of enhancing my spirituality. The class started out pretty good. First we did some grounding meditation and then a long lesson on history of Reiki. During this part of the class, the Reiki Master spoke in a very low and soft voice. It was often difficult to hear what she was saying. I felt as though the origin of Reiki was shrouded by some secrecy causing her to almost whisper in reverence. To me, metaphysics is not a secret and I prefer to talk about it in a normal voice.
We learned about Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Christian doctor who discovered some ancient Tibetan manuscripts that dealt with healing the human being with bare hands. Dr. Usui wanted to pursue this type of healing and went to a mountain where he meditated and fasted for three weeks until a ball of bright white light hit him leaving him with the power to heal people with his bare hands. In other wards, he realized that he is a light being.

After the lesson we were attuned to Reiki. We sat on chairs and the Reiki Master told us to close our eyes and she started to play a crystal bowl. It appeared to me as if it was some sacred ritual. Even with my eyes closed I was able to tell where and what the Reiki Master was doing. When she approached me I could feel hers hands doing something above my head in the crown area. I had a pressure in my head and my whole being felt invaded.

Then we had a vegetarian luncheon and more classes about the people who worked with Dr. Usui, specifically Mr. Hayashi, Successor of Dr. Usui, who committed suicide in the beginning of World War II and Mrs. Takata who introduced Reiki to North America. We learned about acupuncture points and areas where to place our hands during a healing session. We were attuned to Reiki once more and were finally given the opportunity to do Reiki healing on each other. At the end of the class I received my certificate and went home wondering why I had spent a day of time and a couple hundreds of dollars.

To a beginner it may seem great to be able to heal someone after a one day class, to be able to put hands on someone and have a healing energy going through the hands into the person. After all, we do live in a fast-paced society and for some, even a day to become a healer might be too long. But for me, there was something very wrong.

I felt weird. Being in touch with my inner-self, I knew it had something to do with my crown. While learning about Dr. Usui, I became suspicious of the fact that he did not go directly to the Tibetan monks to learn the art of healing. When I asked the Reiki Master about it, she explained that it would have taken him a great period of time to learn from the Monks. I kept feeling awkward and decided to see my crystal healer in hopes of finding out what had happened to me and possibly correct it. After she assessed my aura I learned what Reiki is all about. The crown chakra, which is on top of our heads and the crown which is right above our heads is our connection with the universe and source of the energy we call God. What Reiki masters do is hook our crown on to thier's. Their crown is hooked on to their Master’s and so on and so forth all the way to Usui, who of course, has long been dead. Because our whole being is directly connected through the crown with God and the universe, just imagine what kind of effect it may have on an individual to become a part of all of these peoples lives and problems. Keep in mind, Mr. Hayashi, the second guy in the line must have had some serious issues as he committed suicide. And what about the other people in the line that you have no knowledge of ?

Do not get me wrong, healing through Reiki does help to heal the human beings. It is not a complete system, but it definitely has a positive effect on our inner selves. There is nothing wrong with receiving a Reiki treatment but for the practitioner it is a different story. My point is that being hooked on to other beings with all of their problems is highly unethical. Through spiritual work we are supposed to function better not worse and to come in touch with our inner God. For that we need to keep the connection with the Universe and God well balanced and functioning.

As you may see there are no short cuts. In order to become an effective healer or a spiritual person, you should meditate daily. Do not expect that after a few months of meditation you will be healing people, you probably will not. However there are people who are well enough to start right away, everyone is different. The fact is, anyone can do Reiki without being hooked onto others. When you heal your inner self to a certain point, you will be ready to heal others. Just like when you have no money, you can not give any to the poor, but if you are rich you can easily help them. When that time comes, you will know.
My Reiki experience happened in 1998. Since then, through daily meditation, I have developed the ability to see the auras and the colors in them. Remember, there are no gifts. We are all equal. The only thing that differs one from the other is that some of us are more or less in touch with the inner self. The more we heal the electromagnetic being that we are, the better our ability to get in touch with it. It has been several years since I learned the art of crystal healing. I owe thanks to my Reiki experience because it inspired me to pursue a complete system of healing.

I hope that my story will help you to make a better decision whether you want to be attuned to Reiki or not.


In this workshop I intend to teach you how to do Reiki without being hooked on somebody else. First of all, if you have been attune to Reiki visit a metaphysical practitioner, as attunement to Reiki is a spell that needs to be removed. It is not a good spell and if you decide to heal through meditation, it blocks the healing process of your inner self. This removal must be done in order to balance your aura and get you functioning in harmony (or reconnected) with the Universe. As I mention earlier, it is very important for you to heal yourself first. The type of healing that I'm talking about is to let go of the emotional traumas that we have picked up throughout our lives. Consciously we do not know that it is there, but on the subconscious level it negatively affects our health and all the decisions that we make. That is why you need to do a healing meditation on a daily basis. I strongly recommend doing meditation through visualization with colors. You need to become very good in visualization, because during the Reiki treatment you will have to visualize several things at the same time with your eyes opened. Remember energy follows mind. When you imagine (visualize) the energy going certain way it will.
First keep your eyes open at all times and imagine that you are in a beam of bright white light. The white light is coming from above you and goes all the way to the floor. It has millions of small white sparkles and the whole beam is slowly turning around you from your left to your right in about one meter of a radius. The same thing visualize around the person that you are intending to do the treatment on. The sparkly white light will protect both of you from passing on each other the negative energies that will start coming out as well as out side forces. You need to keep both of you in this sparkly white light through out the whole treatment. It is what you start with and it is the last thing that you stop to visualize. Next imagine your hands and forearms to be crystal clear, similar to the clarity of glass: see-through. Then visualize a color-less energy going through your forearms and hands into the person.
The rest of the treatment is same as Dr. Usui's Reiki. In case you do not know the rest of the treatment, the following describes it in detail.
The illustrations below show the area (Acupuncture points) where you place your hands and visualize the energy going through your hands into the person. In private areas you can keep your hands about one inch above the person.
Remove outside disturbances, for instance the telephone, animals, etc. Make your recipient as comfortable as possible. Provide a blanket and pillows. Shoes, glasses, and belts can be removed, otherwise the recipient remains clothed. Treatment can be on a table, massage table, floor, reclining chair, or sitting up in a conventional chair. It is important to place as little stress on your body as possible when treating. Project a positive attitude of caring concern, and a desire to help. Do the whole body treatment in the normal sequence. If you are treating an acute problem, a minor injury, go right to the area of the problem. Relax. Stay in each positions for at least 3 to 10 minutes, whether you "feel" anything or not. As you experience Reiki, your intuition will guide you what amount of time is enough. Keep your thumb and fingers aligned and together (forming a mitten). Your hands should be flat against the body. Gently pick up each hand and place it softly down in the next position. Do not slide your hands from one position to the next or pick up both hands at once. Try to keep one hand on the body at all times until the treatment is done. Finally smooth the feathers, first on the back then have the recipient turn over and smooth feathers on the front. Smoothing feathers means that you place your hands about 30 cm above the recipients head and move them in a horizontal position (30 cm above) all the way above the feet. Of course you slowly walk along the side of the recipient. Repeat it several times.

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